Our services

strategic communications

A solid reputation is a prerequisite for gaining and maintaining the trust of shareholders, customers and employees. One’s perception of an organisation is influenced by not only the company’s past history, but also its present business strategy. Building the reputation of a company is a long-term effort and it requires systematic communication with your key constituents.
Strategic communications includes the following areas:

  • strategic development
  • media analysis
  • audience analysis
  • strategic and tactical planning
  • consulting services
  • sponsoring


crisis communications

Crisis management takes many forms. The most severe situations can usually be predicted and prepared for in advance, which can help in moderating the consequences. Unexpected situations however, demand precise media communication to moderate the impact of
the event. Our approach includes designing pre-prepared materials that help diffuse
the situation. These include:

  • crisis manuals
  • training modules on the preparation and prevention of critical situations
  • tactical solutions for common or reoccurring situations
  • communications materials for the media and target groups


media relations

The foundation of good communication is a good relationship with the media. Knowledge of the local media environment and long-term experience with individual publications and broadcast outlets are critical. We are constantly monitoring topics the media deal with most frequently so we know how and what will generate the most interest. Communication with journalists can have many forms:

  • press conferences
  • creation of speeches and press materials
  • spokesperson training
  • selection and invitation of relevant journalists
  • distribution of materials to the media
  • arrangement of production/technical specifications for press events
  • serving as moderator/spokesperson
  • follow-up co-ordination of media coverage
  • media monitoring, evaluation of media impact
  • development of roundtables
  • development of work meetings with journalists
  • coordination of interviews


media monitoring

It is impossible to communicate without understanding both public and media opinion on
a particular issue. We provide monitoring and analysis to clients electronically of both print and electronic media, radio and television. The information is continuously evaluated and
a status report is produced that provides up to dates on new situations, as well as recommendations for further activities. The media monitoring includes:

  • basic electronic monitoring of media (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • media analyses


media training

Public appearances are an important part of every manager’s job. Natural talent is valuable but many practical skills can be gained through quality media training. The aim is to improve the quality of public appearances, improve the ability to remain calm, to be able to formulate ideas and be able to face often very aggressive questioning. The media training may come in several forms:

  • theoretical preparation
  • practical exercises/rehearsals
  • special training (TV appearances, radio interviews, crisis communication)
  • image and appearance consultation


web development

The age of the Internet brings the necessity of utilising a multitude of new media outlets that are web-based. Internet communications include:

  • creation and updating of web pages
  • creating of user databases
  • on-line communication with target groups
  • evaluation of response and its application to future PR efforts
  • interconnecting of electronic communication with other activities within
    the marketing plan of a client


Event Management

Many times, the organisation of a special event is the best way to capture your target audience and communicate key messages. We provide full-service preparation for:

  • social events, balls, VIP meetings, theatre performances (organised within the framework of long-term projects, aimed at reaching defined target groups)
  • selection of venue
  • print and distribution of invitations
  • preparation of cultural programmes (hosts, guests, performers)
  • refreshments
  • co-ordination of activities


Preventive days within businesses

We organize various medical measurements (body fat composition, BMI, cholesterol level, blood pressure, index of the body fitness), as well as the individual nutritional consultancy based on the measured results. We also organize lectures on healthy life style. Activities are prepared specifically for the company and its needs. We also prepare results evaluation, summary report and photo coverage to be used for internal usage.



Printed materials are still of vital importance, even in the age of an electronic media. Printed materials are proven information for different target groups from employees, through business partners, to customers. Our services include:

  • annual reports
  • company journals, presentation and information materials
  • preparation of content
  • graphic design, layout
  • proof reading
  • translation
  • printing
  • distribution


product and marketing communications

Personal contact with your target group is the most efficient form of communication.
The most effective forums are:

  • organisation of presentations, seminars, shows and special events
    • selection of target groups
    • co-operation in determining of goals
    • preparation of scripts and organising of programmes
    • preparation and distribution of invitations, RSVP
    • technical and organisational background
    • follow-up publicity events
    • following and evaluation of results
  • organising of complex regional and country-wide campaigns
  • preparation of events for customers and users, from single events to long-term campaigns
  • business presentations for customers
  • preparation of topics and stories for media
  • presentations, open houses


internal communications

Communication with employees is integral since they are the main source of a company’s prosperity. Quality communication that is thorough and consistent increases both loyalty and the development of company culture. Internal communications includes:

  • based on research, clearly define problematic issues, needs, values and opinions of employees
  • ensuring harmony between employee needs and the long-term business goals of
    a company
  • establishing conduct for the efficient dissemination of information
  • designing, writing and producing in-house journals
  • organising sporting and cultural events for employees and their family members
  • developing company rituals/traditions that encourage motivation and loyalty